All That I Am
2003-05-28 23:34:37 (UTC)


I think I'm about to pass out from starvation. I ate a
grapefruit and a cinnamon and raisin bagel at 10am today
and that's it. I could have been going home in 15mins but
Bill, the boss, asked me to stay until 6:30pm so Randy
wouldn't be here by himself. So, I don't have to come into
work until 1pm tomorrow instead of 11am. More sleep for me.

Today has actually been a good day so far. It's uber bright
and sunny outside and there are fine ass military dudes all
over the place. A lot of the hot guys coming in today have
been really nice too so of course I've been restraining
myself from going and humping their legs. That'd be a

Jennifer showed me the pictures of her trip to Kauai,
Hawaii today. It's so beautiful over there but I don't
think I could live there year round. I don't
know...volcanoes, mosquitos, hurricanes/typhoons (can't
remember which occurs in the Pacific)...and then there's no
cold weather or snow...I think I'll stick to the mainland.
But I still want to visit and go on a vacation over there.

Hmmm...what else...I think I'm going to ask Bill if I can
take a little 10-15min break. Enough time to swallow down
this can of clam chowder. Okay I'm going to cut this short
so I can go walk around and try not to pass out. Later.