would the world stop spinning
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2003-05-28 22:00:38 (UTC)

falling like this.......(5.28.03)


the problem is looking for it, it will never be that you
are looking in the wronge place, it's that you can't look.
one day your going to be walking down the street and trip
over it..scrap your knee and bleed a little. you know that
it's true and real and good when you are no longer scared
of the pain.

great advice for falling in love,huh?
what about after you have fallin and all....
what if your stuck being scared of loosing it all after you
went and got this ugly scar on you knee from falling?

you tend to blame yourself for being scared,right?
" well if only i'd been watching where i was going"

i think the worst emotion for me is fear...
it tends to make me run from situations all to often.
i hate it so much! i can't stop myself from being scared,
and it's always something.
scared of falling, scared to bleed, scared to get back up,
scared no one will catch me if i fall again, scared as shit
to loose her, and scared cuz i have. it's such a mean cycle!

it all boils down to being scared of being hurt,nit just
being hurt,but being hurt by her. secondly very scared of
loosing her,which it seems i've perfected.

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