All That I Am
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2003-05-28 18:33:43 (UTC)

I'm In The Money

In 5 more days I'm going to start a new job in a town 37
miles away. The butterflies are starting to creep in. Part
of me is nervous because I'll have to start over again with
work and meeting new people but it's a good thing because
I'm sure I'll meet some really cool people there. And of
course there's the whole deal with having about $500.00
extra each month after all my bills are paid off. That I'm
excited about. Unfortunately I'm going to have to wait
until June 16 until I have any money. I get paid the end of
this week and that whole paycheck is going to rent. So, I'm
kinda worried about not having enough money for gas but I'm
sure Mum will spot me some cash. The other thing I've been
figuring out is how soon I'll be able to leave this
apartment and move up to Renton (16miles from Seattle!
Woohoo!). I can give them my notice July 1 and then be
outta there by the end of the month but if I do that then
I'll have to pay an additional $250 on top of the $495 rent
check. They had a special that my first month's rent would
only be half off but I would have to stay for 6months. If I
left before 6 months then I would have to pay back the half
off. So, I would have to pay them $745 on July 1 when I
give them the notice and I'm not too enthused about that.
But at the same time I don't think I want to be driving 160
miles a day. So, we'll see. I'm excited though because
while I was crunching the numbers I'm going to get 2
paychecks on June final one from CTC which will be
about $600 and then my first paycheck from ERS which will
be about $700 (I'm going to miss one day during the pay
period so this check will be short about $100). Anywho, the
good thing is that I'm going to have enough money after
paying the car insurance, cell phone, and blah blah blah
that I can buy a computer! So, I'm excited. I won't be able
to get on Ft. Lewis anymore and won't be able to use their
computer lab so I'll have to either find a library or buy a
computer. I think I may go with the computer though so I'm
going to surf online today and see if I can find some good
deals. Hmmmm.....what else.....can't think of much else
right now so I'm out. Later.

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