lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-05-28 17:15:08 (UTC)

safe to say

that this has been the worst week in the last year. things
can only get better from here. i'm confident that next
week won't suck as much. but high school needs to be over.

i want someone to love
a [boy] that when i think of
will put a smile on my face
i want to hold [his] hand
want [him] to understand
there's got to be a better place
than this world cause this
should be the best time of our lives
shouldn't thinking about that now
[he] turns my world around
I let it happen everytime
i want a lot of things
some things always seem to bring
all the pain back in my mind
which way to go
answers to questions I don't know
there's better things that we can find...

[mxpx- let it happen]