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2003-05-28 17:06:05 (UTC)


discipline is a 10-letter word that can change a person's
life. whatever u want to do, well it might not happen,
but it is gonna get as close as it possibly can with
discipline. there is nothing impossible, nothing that is
too high, if it is what u want. that's all u have to say.

i think i've grown up knowing this... my dad is the
perfect example of a disciplined machine. he gives it
everything he has. here is an example of the kind of day
my father has. he wakes up at 5:30 every morning, and
takes quiet time with God to prepare himself. then comes
about an hour of writing .... yes he now has an agent and
is working on writing and rewriting, novels, a passion he
is sure to succeed with, if he has nething to do w/ it.
he then goes to work where he teaches tons of highschool
know-it-alls, with much patience and persistence. after
school, if he isn't running w/ the team he coaches, he
runs on his own usually 8 or so miles, plus push-ups and
sit-ups out the wazoo. after dinner and his daily
crossword, by father goes downstairs to his computer to
research for his sunday sermon, or continue writing or
reading his collection of classics. this is just typical
for such a man, throughout the week other responsibilities
and obstacles come that he deals with ever so smoothly,
while being an amazingly good father.

of course, other than a moment of bragging, my father was
posing as an example of the kind daily stably driven
discipline that can make a person who they are. because
the truth is, no matter if he sells a million books, or
wins cross country championships, or gets the "best dad of
the year" award, there is something much more happening.
the path and discoveries that he makes along the way shape
him into so much more than just being "successful" would.
and it all begins with discipline.

man, i am still working on discipline.