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2003-05-28 15:21:15 (UTC)

Nothin' Much Here

Hello all!! its been a really long time since the last
time i wrote in here.....I think that i have just been to
bored to write i guess! but i went down to Allen's over
Memorial day weekend and had a blast!!! I learned how to
Khaki(cant spell) and how to fish and got my fising
license! it was so much fun!
Yeah now i am going to just write what is on my mind...i
cant just write about one specific thing.....so here goes..
I am really hungry and i want to be done school so bad it
isnt even funny! but i only have 18 days left of this
mudhole then i will be done with public school for a
while! (Hopefully for good!) So Yeah....
I MISS ALLEN SO BAD! i talked to him last night and he
apologized for being so sad on Monday when he left! he had
started to get tears in his eyes and i just wanted him to stay there
so i could make him feel happy forever!! i hate seeing
Allen sad!! it just makes me want to die!!! He is
everything in my life and i cant stand to see him hurt or
sad! Sometimes i think that my stubborness and
independance can get in the way BIG TIME! but i am really
working hard to try and calm those things down.... See
Allen is stubborn, but a good kind! the kind that keeps
people from hurting themselves more(haha) and that is very
influencial! i think me being stubborn just pisses
everybody off...But that is just my personality! But Allen
says that he loves me for me! and i believe him 100
percent! Because i can say the same thing about him! i
wouldnt change a single thing about him if i could! i love
him just the way he is! and i miss him terribly!!! i cant
wait for college to be over with so i can always be with
him! There is going to be a year where he has to wait
for me to be done my two years of college and he says that
every minute that he has to wait to be with me for good is
worth it!! i almost started to cry!!! i love him so
much!! And its like ashley said....One day i will be....
Mrs. Danielle Christianson forever!!!!
I love the sound of that!! i gatta go!!! later all!!