My life as Trick
2003-05-28 05:24:52 (UTC)

Where have I been?

I have no clue.

No clue as to where all of the time ran, no clue as to where I could
possibly start...

No clue.


Today is Jeffy's 22nd Birthday. I tried to call, honest I did. He didn't
answer. And I didn't leave a message.

He's moving back to Texas at the end of July, a full 1.5 years longer than
I ever expected.

I can't wait for him to leave.

I don't want him to leave.


Since I started this journal, I've moved twice. Once from a crowded 2 BR
townhouse to a spacious 6 BR house and now to a 4 BR...

2 New roommates; Trey is now in Austin, TX - Jeffy on his way. The 6 BR
just didn't work. It was an experiment in commnal living, and I'm glad
that it's over. More on that later, but there you have it.


I cannot seem to stay on my diet anymore. I've been off for about 3
months, and I've gain 15 lbs. Most people don't seem to notice, but I

I wonder if that's healthy?


Running is still... who the hell am I kidding? I've run 2x in 2 months.


Where did the motivation go?