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2003-05-28 03:03:21 (UTC)


Well hello! yea so its been like... forever i know
sorry... where do i start! lol I'm scared for my friends!
I mean I've gotten used to the fact that some of them are
just gonna do drugs and drink... like for example... i
don't know how long its been since i've seen erik not on
soething... he's just constantly messed up... and I would
just love to see soemthing change him... but I dont
know... lol I dont know... do people grow out of these
things?? cuz i don't really know how it all works? but i
hope he grows out of it soon. And I've also kind of gotten
used to the fact that Laura just gives guys pretty much
anything they want and doesn't find certain things a big
deal that... i do... and yea i know call me a whatever u
want to call me lol I guess i'm kinda old fashioned but if
u dont' have respect for youself then what do u have! But
see Mandy's always kinda of been a follower in my
opinion... thats just sort of the way she is... when she
was in grade school she wanted to follow the popular
crowd.. then she started hanging with us and became more
like us... and now she's startin to kind of take after
laura... and her pantlessness! lol yea okay i don't know
it just seems to me that taking off ur pants when u have a
thong on and getting under blankets with ur friends... i
dont' know doesn't seem all that ... joyful to me! lol I
don't know I just realllly don't want her to get off on
the wrong track ya know! gosh... i just don't want her to
settle her standards! But anywayz her and Eduardo might
hook up!!! yay for them!!! and not so yay for me cuz i
just want matt! I can't believe i didn't see it before!
why couldn't i have taken him when i had the chance! for
rizzle!lol I just really don't know what to do abuot him!
I like him so much and its different ya know than when i
like most guys... ya know its more than just a he's hot
and funny and all around the type of guy that most ppl
like ya know... i don't know... but i guess you can't have
everything... but u know what i do have!! Julianne! lol
I'm soo glad she's my friend cuz it would be soo hard to
stand my ground and not give in to temptations without her
just cuz we share the same views! and it makes thigns sooo
much easier when u have someone there with u! anyway yea i
'll probly keep ya updated on the matt thing cuz ya know
i'm kinda hoping he'll get online now... but he probly
won't...::sigh:: okay i'm gonna go... I have my last day
of school tomorrow!!! woo hoo!! adios!

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