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2003-05-28 00:49:49 (UTC)

wow i havn't wrote in this piece of shit in a long time....

Uh hi guys, long time no talkin in this piece of shit. Um
i guess i'm gunna up date this shit. I'm going through
hell right now. My mom isn't feelin to good. My dad lost
his job. My brother is one smelly pain in my fuckin ass.
And well my best buddy would have to be my cuz alez. Lol.
right alex. yeah had some really good times with u and
nick. Corinne and ian~ yeah we had some good times at the
Rock 101 fest. lol wow that was fun... even though i don't
remember ian makin fun of me that whole time but hey it's
all good. Deeg~ girl, u and shawn haha i just laugh at
that shit. he's such a dike. Speakin of dikes, Mrs. Mc
Stash came back. oh ya....... anyways....Vicki~ lol your
one of us now again, you back to smokin, but Butts are bad
for u hun, Ugh. Smoke the good stuff only, alright hun! I
love joe huh. lol even though i have never met him or seen
him b4. Softball chicks~ dam we kick ass 9-1 baby, whoo
hoo. just gotta make it to the champs. David~ i'm sorry i
yelled at u and stuff, it's just that, i dont want u
cheatin on kt, and shit... you know what i mean, and i
don't think it's right to go around flirting and doin shit
with other girls when ur going out with her. I still lov
ya hun, just not like that. Well i'm out l8r guyz