champagne supernova
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2003-05-27 23:30:43 (UTC)

invigorating skin

alright . i'll bite. i have a million messages asking
what was wrong with me. and i wasnt going to tell anyone,
or even make a big deal.i was going to work it out and
thats exactly what i did. i wont go into detail, but to
be brief bobby andi were going throuh a rough spot. not
justan "ouch that srt of stings" was a "crash burn
and die" spot. and it scared the hell out of me. ive loved
him for over 3 years. something like that hapens to
everyone. but it never had for us. i was so upset with
im.i felt as if i was putting an amazing amount of effort
and so much of myself and everything i had to offer him in
this relatinship. and i was NOT geting it back from
him.every singe time i have even mentioned going out to VA
to see him, i have saved and scrimped and worked my ass off
to go see him . and i cant tell you how mny times he has
told me he was comming and never has. out of our 3 years
together, hes come once.and i felt like he didnt want to
come, and he stopped returning calls, and we didnt hve
anything to talk about for the first time. i freaked there
were tons more things that made me loose it so we talked
about it a bit, and the i took off for the weeked to give
him some time to
and it all got worked out, everything is perfect
again and i love it !!!!*sigh of relief* i mean i really
got scared. but thank god , its 150% great again,an that
my friends was my problem along ith freaking out about high
school, college, what i want to do with my life, and not
knowing who the hell i am or why im here in this world, and
wow, its fucking frusterating to go thru this. i have no
idea why im here and it is getting to me, i want to know
what service im sposed to serve here. and who i am as far
as my own person. what do i like.what do i not like... i
dont know yet. but i will soon enough ,i can feel it.

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