Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
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2003-05-27 22:04:51 (UTC)

Dirt Bikes, Drunk Boys, and Team Work

I spent the past two days in Gorman with a whole bunch of
people. My family (Mom, Dad, and Andrew), Cristal's family
(Rosa-her mom, Isabel-her dad, Danny-her brother, and Zeke?-
her uncle), Zack's Family (Josh, Noah, and Nick, even Alice
and Tony came up for a little while), Zack's Uncle Albert,
Cousin Chris and 3 of their friends (April, Aaron, and some
other guy that I didn't even meet), Janet and Kristin (our
friends from church, Matt (Josh's friend) and Zack's 2
friends from work (Don and Chris). 25 people! By far the
biggest group we've ever had. Granted, not everyone was
there at the same time. Nick, Noah and Chris went up on
Friday Night. Zack, Josh, Matt, and my family went up on
Saturday Night. Cristal, her Family, and I went up on
Sunday morning and they left late in the afternoon. Janet
and Kristin came on Sunday after church for a couple of
hours and left and then came back later that night to stay
over. Uncle Albert and his friends came on Sunday in the
early afternoon and left early evening. Alice and Tony came
up for a couple of hours in the late afternoon and left.
Don and Chris came up later that evening. My family left
Monday morning. We left in the afternoon. And Don and Chris
had to wait for a tow truck, so we don't know what time
they left.

By the time we got there, Noah had already had 3 accidents.
He fell off his bike twice and messed up his wrist and
broken the clutch on his bike, and he rolled my quad (he's
lucky he didn't break it or I would've broken him!). My
brother was having a blast on his Mini Bike (I honestly
don't know how that thing lasted so long, it's ancient!).
As soon as I got there and said heloo and made all the
introductions, I faced my fear and hopped back on my Quad.
I rode with Cristal and Zack (they were on her Quads, Trail
Blazers, automatic, amazing) for a good half hour. The rest
of the day I used Danny's Quad when he wasn't on it. It was
fun! Uncle Albert busted out the booze (in the other camp
ground which was blocked from view by Cristal's trailer) at
noon. Kristin had a couple with the boys, but I was too
busy riding to care. After dinner and the Simpsons (my dad
brought up a portable TV and they hooked it up to the Van's
speakers) we decided to go "watch a movie" in the boys tent
(I had my Laptop and a grip of DVD's with me). The computer
battery died, so we just "hung out" instead. The Boys and
Kristin we drinking. I had very very little, and decided
not to have anymore because I could tell things were going
to get crazy and Zack needed a team mate to help keep
things under control. Josh decided to go to bed pretty
early because he didn't want to get wasted in front of my
parents and Zack's friends (one of them was a cop). Chris,
Nick, Noah and Matt got really really messed up, and
Kristin was quite happy herself (but not very drunk). They
were really loud and rowdy. It was actually quite amusing.
Chris had me laughing so hard I thought I was drunk! After
being in there for a while, I went out and sat with Zack
and his buddies. Zack asked me to go take a walk with him.
We walked and talked for a while. I told him that I had
only had a little (which was compleatly true) and that I
decided that I didn't really need to drink to have a good
time or to fit in. I mean, the boys were so drunk they
couldn't tell if I was or not. I told him that I wanted to
be on his side. I could tell he was really glad to hear
this. We walked some more and sat down and looked at the
stars for a while. It was really nice. We went back to camp
and found Chris and Noah sitting with Zack's friends. I sat
down next to Chris and put my hand on his shoulder, it was
wet and Chris looked at me and said "Umm, that's not drool"
and I got really grossed out and went to find something to
wipe the puke off of my hand. Matt went to his truck and
fell asleep with the radio on and his foot on the brake,
his battery was dead in the morning. He's a serious alkie,
that one, said he'd been drinking since Wednesday and
could still walk and talk fine. He was one of those quiet
drunks. Kristin was getting really friendly with him and he
just kind of sat there, but what do you expect from a frat
boy? I had to walk Nick and Kristin to the bathroom, Nick
was staggering all over the place and gropping Kristin. She
was a little disturbed and she asked me to walk him back.
He couldn't stand up by himself and he kept asking me if I
was drunk. After walking Nick back from the bathroom, I
sent him and Kristin into separate tents to go to bed.
Janet had gone into our tent too. I left them to help Zack
clean up camp because Don and Chris had gone to bed too. We
were laughing and saying that it was like taking care of a
bunch of special ed kids. After a little while, Janet came
storming out of the tent and into her truck, she and
Kristin had gotten into a fight. We finished cleaning and
went to bed. Kristin was still in the tent and when I came
in she asked me why I left them alone together. We talked
for awhile and she compleatly sobered up. Janet was sitting
by the fire and Josh woke up and came out to talk to her.
Finally Janet came back to the tent and the three of us
talked till about 3 in the morning. When I finally went to
sleep I guess I started snoring and kept them up. I woke up
at about 7 and got dressed. Then Zack got up. We started a
fire in the pit to make coffee. When Josh woke up, the 3 of
us went out for a ride. Zack took us over a hill on a trail
that was way too advanced for me. I was scared out of my
mind, but kept going because I had no other choice. When we
stopped because Josh's bike was out of gas, I yelled at him
for scaring me, but I got over it pretty quickly. Josh had
to take the Quad back to get gas because I didn't know the
way back, and Zack and I stayed together waiting. It was
nice to sit out there together, we just talked until Josh
got back. The boys traded bikes because Zack's bike was
getting to be too much for him (it's the biggest, and Zack
is the least experianced) and set off again. We rode for
about 10 more minutes and stopped again cuz Zack's bike
died on Josh. Then Josh realised that his bike was missing
the axel. So Josh had to take the Quad again (luckily my
dad filled the tank when Josh went the first time) and he
came back in Matt's Truck with Chris and Don following in
Chris' Jeep. We loaded the bikes into the truck and rode
back to camp in the Jeep. Josh, Matt and Nick went off
roading in Josh's Jeep. Zack and I made breakfast and sat
by the fire to eat. Kristin and Janet left and the boys
came back. Then Josh, Matt, and Chris left. Zack and I laid
down in the van to rest while Noah sat and played gameboy
and Nick recuperated from the ride. My parents, who had
been packing up, came over to say goodbye and left. Don had
popped the tire on his Quad (which was just like Cristal's)
and he and Chris were getting ready to go home, but Zack
told them to go check out the mud pit in the Jeep. We were
going to go with them, but I didn't want to because I knew
that I'd be really scared and that I would ruin their fun.
Zack didn't go either because he was still tired. So they
follwed Noah, who was one his bike over to where it was. A
while later, Noah came back covered in mud and told Nick
and Zack to take the Jeep over to the mud pit because
Chris' Jeep had gotten stuck in the mud and needed to be
jumpped. They left and Noah and I stayed back. After Noah
cleaned the mud off of him self and changed, he helped me
start to pack up. When Nick and Zack came back, they had
Don with him. He took his truck back over there and the
three of us finished cleaning and packing up the campsite.
When we were done, we drove over to the mud pit and Don
called AAA. We hung out over there for a little while and
then went home. All in all it was quite an eventful
weekend, and I'm really glad I didn't die!