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2003-05-27 21:10:14 (UTC)

breakfast at tiffany's

i cannot tell u how many times i have watched the
movie "breakfast at tiffany's". audrey hepburn is
certainly one of the sweetest most captivating actresses i
think i've ever watched. oh, my apologies if this sounds
like some silly prose found on the back of the movie box,
but it is very true indeed.
i must admit my favorite part of the movie is quite near
the end when holly has been rejected by the rich brazilion
and paul or "frank" perhaps tells her he loves her:
"i'm not holly, i'm not lula-mae either. i don't know who
i am, i'm like cat here. we're a couple of no name slobs.
we belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us, we don't
even belong to each other."
(she lets the cat out of the car)
-then paul presumes to tell the driver to pull over, and
gets out of the car. "you know what's wrong w/ u miss
whoever u are, ur chicken. u've got no guts. ur afraid to
stick out ur chin and say life's a fact....cuz no matter
where u run, u just end up running into urself."
it is truly a beautiful depiction of a girl growing up
depending only upon herself, but who really needs all
those around her. she calls herself a "wild thing" a
bird that cannot be caged, and is afraid to find that she
has put herself in a cage by never allowing herself to
truly love another or actually become someone. it is a
very beautiful story, that must hit home with many people
at one time or another.

sometimes i sit and watch breakfast at tiffany's and
imagine that holly go-lighly is really sarah joe-ellis.
wanting to see the world and do romantically interesting
things. to be like no one at all else in the world and to
have no one else truly understand me or know me. but the
scary thing is... trying to lose others sometimes ends in
losing urself and what u are truly supposed to be.

i apologize for being so deep, if u have been reading
anything so far and are confused and quite irritated by my
little story for the day, do not despair, i shall try to
be back to my silly self again tomorrow.

much love,

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