Montana bound
2003-05-27 20:56:49 (UTC)


I'm beginning to think I should start seriously looking
at drama as a career choice for my life. After all, it's
saving my high school graduation. But it's more than
that. I enjoy singing, I like playing musical instruments,
but I absolutely LOVE drama. Nothing has ever driven me to
strive for exellency like drama has. Last year during the
play, the prospect that I might not have a 2.0 or too many
no-grades and thus not be able to perform scared the hell
out of me. I never had that problem while I was in band.
And even though I enjoyed it, I never really tried hard at
playing the guitar.
Drama is a whole different story. I would do whatever
it takes to make sure I can stay in that. Just a few years
ago, if I had heard they were going to perform "Fiddler On
The Roof," I probably could have cared less. Last Friday,
however, when they announced at the drama banquet that the
autumn play next year is going to be "Fiddler On The Roof,"
I nearly jumped for joy and almost wet myself with
excitement. ....Okay, so I'm exaggerating about wetting
myself, but I am very excited about it. I'm already trying
to get ahold of the movie so I can reacquiant myself with
the story, and I'm almost eager for it to be autumn so we
can get started on it. If that doesn't tell you how
pathetic I am, summer vacation hasn't even started yet.
That begins next week Thursday. Part of me is wishing for
summer to be over before it's even begun! What's worse,
I'm pathetic and I know it, and I could care less. I'm a
drama queer and proud of it.
It's going to be an uphill battle going through
everything I'll have to do next year to graduate high
shool, but it will be worth it for the chance to be in
drama club. I don't care how hard I have to work for it, I
don't deserve to disappoint all my classmates and
especially Ms. LaForge. They've placed such trust in me, I
just will not allow myself to fail them, no matter what it