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2003-05-27 20:52:25 (UTC)

Drama Onstage and Off

So last week I, against my will (yea right who am I trying
to kid), helped out with WHS's final play of 2003, The
Elephant Man. I was only going to give Satine Ewan Curtis
(her jacket which I had actidentally kidnapped), Scrinchè
(our journal in which we write to each other), and a hug
for luck. When I got there, Mrs. Winz (the producer) and
Lindsay (the makeup artist who is also in the play) asked
me to stay and help. So I posponed my weekend plans to go
dirtbiking, and stayed to helped. When I went back the next
day, Mr. Anderton (the director) apperantly didn't want me
there because Rick (the sound guy who happens to be my
psycho ex-boyfriend) was complaining about me. Rather then
coming down to tell me himself, he sent his pudgy, stupid
assistant (name is with held because I don't want to get
beat up) to tell me to leave the Premises. So Denise and I,
after finishing Lindsay's hair, left.. I took her driving
around Whittier, and when I came back to pick up Cristal
and Ashley (who Mr. Anderton would have been responsible
for taking home if they didn't have rides) I went upstairs
to speak to him. He first tried to use the excuse that I
was no longer a student, but he had 3 other non-students
working on the play as well; then he tried to argue that
he "didn't know me", but stopped when I pointed out that I
had worked on every single play he's ever put on at
WHS;finally he tried to argue that my help wasn't needed,
but Lindsay and Jasmine told him that it was, so he
begrudgingly allowed me to stay and help but then leave as
soon as the actors were ready. Since Lindsay takes most of
the play to get ready, I stayed for the whole thing
(Anderton never knew, I was downstairs the whole time). The
shit hit the fan at the cast party when, after having my
bathing suit pulled up my ass and having a picture taken of
it, I snapped and dumped jello down Jessica's suit and
poured soda on Frank's head. Jessica, who is a freaking
fifth year Senior (you would think if she could dish it
out, she could take getting it back) ratted on me. Anderton
came out and started yelling and I told him I wasn't one of
his students and he couldn't talk to me like that. I also
said, when he tried to say that HE had invited me and
ALLOWED me to be at the cast party, that I was a guest of
the hostess and wasn't there on his invitation. He freaking
ended the party and sent everyone home. Cristal was mad at
me and I felt really bad. I mean, he could have told me,
Frank and Jessica to go home and let the rest of the people
have fun, but he had to be a jerk and make everyone leave.
After apoligizing to Frank, Cristal and her mom, I cleaned
up the mess I had made and was getting ready to leave, but
Cristal made me stay (I was going with her and her family
up to meet Zack and my parents in Gorman the next morning).
We watched SNL with Jim, Susie, Denise, Ashley, and Lindsay
who had stayed behind because Mychael didn't have enough
room in her car for everyone and was going to make 2 trips.
I told them that I would take them to Jen's (she had told
them to come over) or home, so they called Mychael and we
all piled into my car and drove to Jen's and hung out for a
little while. The I took Jim, Susie, and Lindsay home
(Denise and Ashley had stayed at Jen's) and Cristal and I
went back to her house. She told me she wasn't mad anymore
because she had more fun just hanging out anyways. We
stayed up talking till 4 and then had to get up at 7 to go
up to Gorman. It was really the week from hell.