Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-05-27 19:43:59 (UTC)

4th day of vacation

R., my wife, went with her mother (and also N., our oldest
son) to help her find the cheapest, but best, pressure
washer for sale at the Wall-to-Wall-mart, and also at
Sears. They ended up with the one at Sears.

I filled out the rebate forms, finally.

Didn't do too much of anything else, actually, (other than
the basic household chores, that is...)

Enthralled: I saw an episode of Star Trek on tv recently.
I can't seem to help it, but either my will is weak, or I
just totally want the world to be like Star Trek. Why?
Excitement, danger, wonder, to live in a universe where we
are not alone...