Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2003-05-27 17:23:04 (UTC)

Shitty Movie Experience, Dog Park Mania...

On Friday, Ryan and I went to see Bruce Almighty with
Garrett, and who should take our tickets but the one and
only Joe, rapist and mom-beater walking free. To learn more
about Joe, read the entry entitled 'Kill Joe Day' from over
a year ago. I felt sick to my stomach for the rest of the
day, and had bad dreams all night. That fucking prick
should be dead, or be in prison being raped for the rest of
his life. He's a sick bastard. I want to hurt him so bad. I
wish I had friends looking for someone to beat up. I mean,
there's nothing I can change now, he took away something
that can never be given back, and hurt me in a way I'll
never, ever forget, but I still think I'd feel a little
better knowing he's suffering.
We had another bad experience at the dog park
yesterday. First, some angry flaming man in all white
bitched at us because Barrio, at least 75 lbs, was trying
to play with his dog, probably about 10 lbs. He was
like, 'All dogs should be able to come to the dog park
without being afraid they're going to be attacked'. Well
duh. I agree. But small-dog owners have to understand that
90% of the dogs that come to the park are large, and want
to play around and roughhouse. That's why there's a
separate small dog pen. The guy was a total bitch, and
wouldn't put his small dogs in the small dog pen (fucking
retard), so we had to keep Barrio on a leash until he left.
Then, there was a nice older woman with a playful dog, and
that dog tried to play with a dalmation puppy, and the
owner freaked out SO BAD, he grabbed the woman by the arm
and was shaking her and screaming profanities in her face,
saying he was sick of big dogs 'attacking' little dogs, and
people bringing 'vicious' dogs to the dog park. 1st, if the
bigger dog wanted to hurt the puppy, it could have killed
it. It was obviously just playing (same goes for Barrio and
the freakishly small 10 pounder). 2nd, the puppy was far
too you to be legally allowed in the park (the minimum age
is 4 months). 3rd, this fucking idiot was far more vicios
than the dogs, attacking an OLDER WOMAN. Jarob, Teresa,
Ryan and I ran to her aid and all 5 of us were screaming at
him (somehow, he still didn't back off until he realized
the situation (5 people with 4 big dogs, 2 of which were
pit bulls, versus him and his puppy). The lady's going to
press charges, and I completely agree. Normally I'm against
frivolous lawsuits, but this guy attacked an older woman.
He deserves whatever he gets.
Okay, that's all for now, bye!