Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
2003-05-27 15:57:54 (UTC)

Fire Starter

Flames never looked so pretty, fire is the only thing that
make me feel like i wouldn't get hurt if i touched
it...ironic huh.
...I had a dream when i was little girl once that i was a
Phoenix Bird. Phoenix Birds are mythical birds made of fire
that dwell in the sun. Anyway...I was the deepest crimson,
the most sparkling emerald green and orange and light
blue. My feathers were long and thick.I could escape to the
sun if i wanted to. I could fly above the rain clouds
between the stars is i wanted to. If you caught me on a
good night or early morning you could see me dancing in the
sky- i was a air brush and the sky was my paper and the
stars were my easel. People would wake up early morning
just to see the figures i made in the sky- I was happy... i
was free.

yeah...flames never looked so pretty-