An inconcluded life
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2003-05-27 12:48:06 (UTC)

The end

Yep... the end had to come. Because nothing lasts enough,
or so we feel always. Every time we loose something or
someone we insist in saying it did not last enough. But
what is enough? I guess I am not the right person to say.
Everything just seems awfully blurry and numb. I just
can't figure out why. I had to expect it deep inside. Two
different worlds, two different, very different people, two
different histories of life. What was the purpose of his
crossing my life? I can't say right now. And I wonder if
I will ever understand what his purpose was? I don't know.
Maybe it was I the one that had a purpose on his life. I
just know it hurts. And the reason it hurts is because I
was so stupid to even try to consider giving myself a
chance. eeeeeerrrrrrp... wrong answer. Chances? do I
really deserve a chance? I guess not right now at least.