Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-05-27 06:52:48 (UTC)

riding bikes in the rain

there is a deeper meaning to anything and everything,
but there is also a simple layer of reality to them.
things are both esoteric and entropic. the meaning is
constistently there, but its meaning is not to be appreciated,
understood, or even sometimes acknowledged until the
moment is appropriate.

This applies to all things in existence.

sometimes, it's fun to push buttons, for no reason
other than the cool sound they make.

sometimes, it's fun to appreciate something really simple,
and really basic and mundane. like breathing.

i'm a generally sort of insecure person. with everything
i do, i question it. are people going to think i'm weird or
lame or something? or will it be appreciated?

i mean, it's true, no one is as cool as they think they are.
but it's all relative, i guess. we assign certain people to
certain roles, to judge certain things about us. not really
fair, is it? we generally aren't courteous enough to let
them know, that they have become the judge of, for
example, how attractive we are going to feel that
evening, or whether we're witty or not.

why let other people decide?