2003-05-27 06:23:57 (UTC)


Well my summer "break" ends on Thursday this week cuz I
start work full time on Monday with the Province, which is
OK cuz I could use some money and something to do during
the days.
Still nothing new to report in terms of a boyfriend or
anything remotely resembling one (depressing as it is). I
went to Ottawa and this guy came with me who is a pretty
nice guy, kind of wierd to describe how we know each other,
we know each other through family, have family in common,
but aren't related to each other. Anyways, it was a lot of
fun. Wrote my exams, finished all my courses with fairly
decent marks (all A's so far, one mark yet to come) so that
was ok...
I'm playing soccer now which is amazingly fun, even though
it involves running and I have never been terribly fond of
anything that involves running. I'm doing OK, I started off
as a sweeper and just got moved up to forward, which is
kind of scary cuz i dont shoot the ball very well. The one
goal i have scored went in cuz i fell to the ground and
pushed it in with my body since the other team's three
defenders had totally eliminated my chances of moving my
feet at all. So yeah, it was kind of fun cuz it promped my
hot model coach (not even joking) to hug me. I was like "i
love soccer"... but the coach is a whole other sob story...
he was flirting with me before and i was going nuts cuz i
knew it was stupid cuz his ex is on the team too and
they're still 'working on things' or whatever so i was all
stressed about what to do but it seems now like he's gotten
over it, and so now things are ending for the better but
I'm still sad. So that sucks. But otherwise things are
going good. At least I have a job and a soccer team. 2 out
of 3 isn't too bad.
Two more years of school left, after that, I think I want
to go on to a Masters' program at Carleton, but we'll see
if my marks are high enough for that. I'd like to take
International Affairs and then work for DFAIT or else the
Foreign Service, but I dont know yet if I do well with
being away from home... so I guess we'll have to see about
that one. Two years is a fairly long time anyways.
I have to work in the morning but I'm not in bed yet, cuz
I'm stupid. I should probably get off the computer now. :P