Euphoric Nothingness
2003-05-27 05:12:29 (UTC)

Nicole Day

Well it's the end of Memorial Day...and an eventful one is
was! A lot went down today. It started right after I
woke up. I talked to Nicole, who was feeling a little
down. So I decided that we should go out to lunch.

So I got somewhat dressed up (dressed up for me) and I
picked her up at her house in Oviedo. She was happy to
see me and we went to The Olive Garden. We enjoyed our
lunch and each other's company. In the parking lot some
lady in a van tapped the bumper of my truck. There was no
damage to either of our vehicles so we got a quick laugh
and drove off.

Then we made our way to the Oviedo Mall. She looked for
some clothes in Dillard's and we made our way to the
movies. We saw Down for Love (some chick flick). I
thought the movie was absolutely pretictable but Nicole
liked it. She was impressed that I was able to stay awake
the whole time. After that, we made a quick trip by
Target and then went to her house.

When we arrived we played some rummy (she kicked the crap
outta me). Then Nicole decided that I should make us some
mac and cheese. I made most of it but Nicole helped out
in the end. We then sat down and watched TV while we ate.

After that, we went online and talked to some of her
friends. It was interesting and gave me some insight some
of the little things that she does. Then ,around 9, I
left. We had 2 long hugs and said good night. Later on,
we played a quick game of online Scrabble (which I won of

We had a really really good time. I think we both
appreciated the little things that we did to make each
other feel important to the other. We talked about a lot
of things and made each other feel like they were the
center of attention for at least that afternoon.

I guess the most important part, for me at least, is that
I realized how much I am falling for Nicole. We do the
little things for each other that make what we have
something significant. It's funny because we are polar
opposites and what we have isn't based on money or
anything like that. It has substance and potential. I
feel like it could be the start of something incredible.

I know that if something more started with us that it
would either be the most amazing thing ever or a complete
bust. It's either all or nothing. But I think that we
should at least try it so that we can at least know and
not say "what if" or "what could have been".

I realize that this is probably going to be read by Nicole
and others. But to be honest, this is how I feel. Nicole
Day wasn't about getting into Nicole's pants, it was about
spending quality time with someone that I really care
deeply for. It was about creating substance and
experiences with someone special. It was real. No act.
It was something that means a lot to me and I hope that
this is reciprocated.

Well no matter what happens, I at least hope that I have
gained a great friend in her. When we started talking, I
never imagined that little conversations would grow into
what it has. It's funny to look back and see what one
boring Spring Break night has turned into. However, the
final chapters have not been written and the characters
could still be taken for an incredible spin. Despite our
differences in opinions and lifestyle in general, I
strongly believe that something more may exist between us.

With all of that, I shall sign off. This, in my opinion,
is probably one of my most intimate entries that really
shows more emotion ,and general honesty, than a lot of my
other writings. We'll see where things go but as I always
say, "Whatever happens happens for a reason".........

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