skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-05-27 03:34:59 (UTC)

All this preteen shit has got me frustrated

Well i know i havent written in this lately so yeah. Ive
been busy with newsstaff, wrestling and going to net
connect a lot. I have been to two different plays a total
of 5 times. I went to Barnum to see Denise and Susie. And I
went to the elephant man to see Adrianna. Yeah they all
were great. Today i woke up late and watched 4 episodes of
the old star trek and i wacthed sponge bob. Then i went to
net connect and playe Battlefield 1942 which i am the best
at. I had a total of 132 kills. So yeah. I have been
playing starcraft alot too. I always play with terran. Im
getting better even though its hard. I miss practicing for
wrestling Rio Hondo ended about one week ago which sucks.
But were going to be in our brand new wrestling room. Yeah
lately i have been doing a lot of walking i walk around
like at weird times i took a walk at 4 in the morning the
other day. Yeah. My birthday is coming up its on June 2OTH
so i will be expecting presents. Hopefully people will buy
me some. I went to pioneers prom and saw my ex the first
love of my life Breanna. Oh how i miss her. We hung out and
talked and we had a good time.

Song of the day: "NeilHouse" by the ataris

Question of the day: How will whittiers prom be?

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