Oh,The Insanity
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2003-05-27 02:46:12 (UTC)


I try...that was the point, right? Okay... I was having a
semi-decent day. Granted, I spent it at *McDonald's*
working...but I got paid for it. The people there are
nice, but I can't help but think they're just pretending
and they're really all assholes...cuz that's how it works,
right? I guess it started going downhill when I realized,
trying isn't enough. If you want it...you have to make it
happen. There is no *TRY*...only *DO*, or something along
those lines. Somedays, I just feel like crawling into bed
and saying I quit, because the pain is too much, and
because I know it will never get any better. One of my
coworkers made a comment that "its hard to care when you
have no feelings left." I guess after being hurt so often,
feelings die...like a raccoon who has been hit by too many
cars...and instead of finding a raccoon doctor or whatever,
he just gives up and dies. I don't want to die. I want to
be able to wake up and think "hey, it's gonna be a *great
day*" but that's not going to happen. Eventually,
everyones' feelings die...and they become emotionless. A
state of not caring or feeling for everyone. No happiness,
no sadness and no bitterness...nothing.

~If you don't let them in, they can't hurt you~

Peace, Love and Flamebroiled Marshmallows