Nick's Journal
2003-05-27 02:38:10 (UTC)


fuck adelphia! are you kidding me? i'm putting back so
much money to creep along like a fucking snail? this is
the world wide fucking web, and i'm the fucking retarded
ass spider that can't make it across the god damned
domain! not only is the actual internet slow, but so are
the people that work there. what the christ is so hard
about cashing a check? what is so god damned hard about
changing the name of the occupant?
are you all a bunch of marauding morons? i know that the
president shot this company in the shitter a year or so
ago and gave it to his (neuronically challenged) sons.
but damn how about getting the customer service up to the
level of normal human beings. when i call your ass i do
not want to hear "duuuuuuuuuh, have you re-routed the
server packet to the nic card".........not only is that a
bunch of idiotic gibberish but i can feel your drool
seeping through the phone.
i swear there must be some inequitiy in the balance sheet
of this company, i'll find it.......exploit it, and
hopefully drive you fucking feces filled fuck ups into
your (second) bankruptcy.