Nick's Journal
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2003-05-27 02:27:43 (UTC)


fuck the japs. yeah that's right i hate em. fuck them so
hard. not cos they bombed our shit in world war 2, but
because they cant' cook. i went to one of those japanese
places for crisi's birthday and they gave me fucking food
poisoning. waht is it? the slanted, shifty eyes? cook
the fucking meat you fucking money-grubbing pearl harbor
bombing chinks! yeah i'm pissed. i've never had a problem
with food but my stomach felt like a nuclear holocaust.
then get this. i got a sympathy laugh from a waitress.
what the fuck is that shit? i'm paying your ass to serve
me so you better fucking put some genuine laughter when i
say something (kinda) funny. we all know the sympathy
laugh, it's what we give to those fucking idiots that
still cling to the pathetic notion that they are funny
with their idiotic rhetoric. if i get that shit i get it
from my loving girlfriend and noone else!! i mean if i'm
dropping .2% tip on your ass the least you can do is bust
a crow-feeted (don't know if that's a word) smile my way.
and how aobut those hosts not acting like they are worth
two shits and a stone.
ok i'm coming into the restaurant, you are there solely
for telling me if a table is open. if i see an open table
i will go to it of my own free will, especially if i go
for the bar. fucking control freaks trying to dictate
where i sit. i swear if one more monkey-headed moron
makes me meander around the fucking restaurant for "my
seat" i'm gonna go straight up serbian on him and do some
ethnic cleansing on his ethnically challenged ass.
hmmmmm what else? oh yeah. if you're a guy and have had
3 pieces of sushi and exclaim "man i'm stuffed", you are a
fag. i'm expecting cocks to flow from every orifice of
your body. if 3 pieces of light un-cooked seafood puts
you out you are in contention for first place in the "i
take it in the ass" competition.
eat some christing meat. drink some beer. shoot some
deer, and beat your wife like the good old redneck that
you SHOULD be.
i'll talk about affirmative action for my speech. imagine
me given the ability to voice my opinion. shit's scary.
the confederate flag? my problem is my own unequivocable
backing of nothing. instead of standign tall for a
principle i'll cut those in the achilles tendon that voice
their opinions.
let's talk new dialectic. not socratic.