No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-05-27 02:03:40 (UTC)


well Bruce Almighty was really funny. I still really dont
feel good tho. I have nothing to write really...just
bored. and somewhat lonely. I dont know why this all has
to be so freakin hard! Why cant I ever just have what I
want?! is that really such a bad thing? I guess so bc I
never can seem to be happy w.what I have. least
I have a lotta new clothes! :-/
I never bought a white dress for grad. ...oh well...I
guess Ill just borrow Keeleys ugly one from last year.
well...theres no point in me sitting here bored so I guess
Ill go to bed. work 12-8 tomorrow :(...then doing
absolutly nothing of course. wow...I have a lot to look
forward to!