Jamie H

Pretty Baby
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2003-05-27 01:17:06 (UTC)

Ohlone Rocks!!!

::Listening to Missy Elliot::

First thing is first Ohlone rocks!!!!!! Anyway . . . I
am going to Ohlone College as you can tell . . . then I am
moving to S.D. CA . . . Danny is gone . . . I don't know
when he is going to be back . . . His grandpa is dying. :(
I am figuring he left before my Senior Fling trip because I
called him in the morning when I came home and his cell
said the Nextel user isn't available. I hope he comes home
soon . . . I miss him so much . . . I wish I was in Ohio
with him soo much . . . just to hold his hand . . . and
tell him it's okay . . . this is the last time he is going
to see him. He isn't going to go back to college until
Fall . . . I am starting during the summer . . . my mom
told me I need to find a job . . . Which I already started
trying to find one before she said anything. I showed her
up . . . sorry that was mean anyway . . . I saw Amena
today . . . She was in my Drama class last year . . . We
had a small convo:

Amena: Hey Jamie! How are you?
Me: Fine and you??
Amena: I am good. You are graduating this year huh?
Me: Yes finally!!
Amena: Are you going to college after?
Me: Yes Ohlone and then I am going to transfer to San Diego
State hopefully.
Amena: That's good! You can do it!
Me: Thanks! Bye!

Then we left and went to get Ice Cream at the store. My
sister just noticed that her and I are going to study law.
I kinda already new that. LOL . . . anyway . . . Nothing
really new in my life now . . . except Danny and I are very
very serious now. I can't wait to see him for

I will let you go now,