Diary of an American Witch
2003-05-27 00:53:00 (UTC)

I can only shake my head and sigh

It just amazes me sometimes what people will do for
Why do people think that claming to be a force of evil will
impress me?
Ok, you're evil. Ohhhhhhhhhh Im scared, now leave me the
hell alone.
And what about the people who try to impress you with their
depression? It's one thing to be seriously emotionally
disturbed, and to be reaching out for help, but it's quite
another thing to proclaim your sadness to as many as will
listen because you think it's fashionable.

Just because you are 15 and having independance issues with
your parents doesn't make you the fucking vampire Lestat
for god's sake.

Honestly, am I like, a magnet for these people? I mean,
how do they find me? Is it wrong to see these people and
listen to their problems, and try to help them instead of
just telling them to buck up like the rest of the world
does? I mean, I remember what it was like to be that age,
and I know what it feels like to question the worth of your
own life, but it's like, they don't want help, they just
want people to hold them to some high standard of coolness
because they are not happy. As if being happy is some sort
of conformity, and they alone have the courage to be
individuals by making themselves miserable.

And they take, and take, and take.
Never realizing how utterly childish they are acting.

God, what some people will do for attention. Well, I, for
one, am not going to play into it.
You're evil? Piss off. You wouldn't know real evil if it
bit you in the ass. Evil is murder, and rape, and wars,
and the hatred that rests in the hearts of all mankind. Not
you, struting around yelling empty threats to the wind.
You're sad? Well, Im sorry, but if you don't want to be
helped, I don't want to help you.

Im so glad that I have good friends, and a good life, and
the Mother to guide me.
She tells me that I should still believe in the goodness of
mankind, and that not everyone is a poser, and that not
everyone is obsessed with themselves. That restores my
faith in this world.