Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-05-26 23:49:23 (UTC)

8. 3 Songs From Hatful Of Rain - Del Amitri.

I regard them as a sort of Holy Trinity
a) Nothing Ever Happens
b) Always The Last To Know
c) Don't Come Home Too Soon
and I always play them in a different order to the
previous time. Its the melancholy bug again - if its with
life in general, I sing along to 'a)' and preferably have
a glass of red wine with it. If its with someone
particular its 'b)', and I only sing along to bits I want
to, and if its with me, or the situation I'm in right now
its 'c)', and I take special attention to the 'Even long
shots make it' part...

As Hornby once asked, am I sad because of the songs, or do
I listen to the songs because I'm sad. I know its the
latter, and I know that the songs just lessen my
depression, because they give me a feeling that both I've
been there before, but also that someone else has, to have
written a song about it.

At the moment I'm listening to Don't Come Home Too Soon,
thinking about how much I'm going to miss my life in
Norwich while I'm away, but also what's going to happen
that I will have no control over, too, like my degree
result, for example.

Am I sad? Not especially so, but I'm glad to be able to
write this down, rather than just playing it round in my
head. That's what friends are for, right? Maybe.

I've also become a little disillusioned with my life in
Norwich of late, but I think that'll lift completely when
I go out on tour. I just want to be free of everything.
And I will be. You'll see...

WILT? Same song, Don't Come Home Too Soon.