Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-05-26 23:10:26 (UTC)

part of yesterday and today

yesterday I went to visit my grandpa's grave. I was really
upset. I tried so hard not to cry, I had to be strong for
my mom!! then We watched some movie that was wicked good
and I talked to Meba. She is such a wicked sweetheart!! I
finished the homework I had. Today I didn't do much. I jsut
sat around and wathced movies on Lifetime!! Lifetime is my
favorite movie channel they always have something on that I
can watch! Sandra came home... it was kinda nice not to
have her around. And I talked to Justine for a while. I
hadn't talked to her in long while. she is such a
sweetheart. I wish she would come back to Solvay!! Anyways
that was the just of my day so later