lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-05-26 21:55:51 (UTC)

"lindsay, are you coming?'

"yeah, i'm just in the middle of getting a big speeding ticket...i'll be
there soon."

SO YEAH...i got a fatty ticket today for going 84 on the
freeway...some cop paced me from dawson to las posas and
finally he pulled me over just as i was slowing down anyway. i
was wearing my heart pajamas and my red hat and i had my hair
in little braids...the whole sight was just sad. and i didn't cry until
he came back and it was obvious that he was totally giving me a
ticket and that my life was in shambles. the nice guy wrote down
"80 " though, which means i get a lower fine & the possibility of
doing traffic school (instead of sky-high insurance)...but i won't
know about that until my court date, which is while we're in new
mexico. ahh this stinks.