No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-05-26 21:42:13 (UTC)

whoa...more money :-x

I went to the mall w.Angie and Kelly. I bought a red mini
at styles (Ive been needing one for that one outfit for
like 5 mo.!) and a pr. of Independent pants at Ross. and I
got a necklace that matches the bracelet i have and a pr.
of earings and white rubber bracelets and a pr. of
sunglasses. ouch. spending money i really shouldnt be! oh
well! :)
dre is taking me to see Bruce Almighty tonight. i know we
shouldnt be hanging out alone but... least hes paying! lol j/k
well i dont feel good so imma go lay down for a lil bit.

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