Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2003-05-26 20:40:37 (UTC)

The Eight Stroke Warrior fanfic obsessant

Finally managed to get my sorry ass home after being away
for over a month. Got back yesterday about 4pm. Home for
the summer. Nearly four months of relaxing with little
studying at all. It'll be better than at university
though, I may still be poor but at least I'm not forced to
eat crap. I just wish there was some fizzy juice but alas
not. Oh well, there's some candy at least.

Have started the mass download of Dragonball Z episodes
from the internet. With there being 276 episodes, its
going to be a lot of downloading. Thankfully I have the
time, but I don't have the patience so in order to pass
the time, I've taken to reading fanfic. Hopefully I'l be
forgive because it is for the obscure Phantasy Star series
of computer games for the Sega systems. There's a lot of
stories at one site so I'm lucky and I won't have to go
searching for a while.

I tried writing this a ew minutes ago, the fan overheated.
Till NExt Time Space Kittens!

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