Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-05-26 20:39:57 (UTC)

Its True..You Are Who They Say You Are

I remain not entirely convinced by this statement. I know
that the way some people see me is not the way I am, but I
have not the impetus or incentive to make them change
their minds - especially now, when all these people I will
see like one or two more times again in my life. I can be
civil, but there's no point doing anything worthwhile.

So what have I been doing? I've been remaining dignified
and (apparently) unapproachable for too long. I use words
that people don't want to hear, and have views that
contradict their own. I don't care much for beating about
the bush, and I call things as I see them.

This makes me unpopular, but I don't change. And why
should I? If they see all these attributes as negative
(and I do have a specific 'they', but for reasons outlined
above their identity will not be forthcoming) then I know
there is an equal amount of people who do not.

I don't mind. Its just who I am.

Meantime, I was playing football yesterday for about 3 and
a half hours. I was destroyed. My feet, I remember, have
never been so sore. And that is sore, especially after not
having done anything for so long.

WILT? Caravan - blur (I like it a lot)