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2003-05-26 19:04:07 (UTC)


Whats going on my hoes?! Its Monday and damn Im tired!
Senior trip was Saturday and we all got back at 3am. It was
fun as hell! It was just a blast! Only one problem, Laura
and Liz didn't go. :( That was just not right. It would've
been better if they'd gone. But yet, we all had a great
time, I know I did. I slept in the bus, in the way over
here with the Grumpy Bear that Laura gave me, I was all
warm. Hee-hee! It was just great. Oh and hey, GRADUATION is
already coming! Just a couple of more days! CLASS OF 2003
ROCKS!!!! :) :) :) :) :) Lets see, oh yeah, Heather. I
won't send you any messages or any of that shit. Sorry you
hate me! I only talk shit about your sister because I know
shes talking stuff about Laura and I. I read her diary
entries, Im not that stupid. STUPID people! But um yeah.
Man Im going to stop talking about people and things that
don't even interest me or aren't important to me.....MOVING
ALONG! Lets see....I know your reading this Laura, just
want to say Hey Babe! At this moment, your in autobody,
awww, Laura is going vroom vroom. lol :) Awww Laura. AWWWWW
POOR LAURA!! Damn I made myself look like an idiot this
morning when I said to you "3 months". Im all dumb and
stuff. :( STUPID Jackie. Umm....I was going to write
something else but I forgot. Oh well. Ok well I should stop
here, the computer is boring me. Im going to go now. Byebye
people! I Love You Laura! ;) Wheeeeeeee! Bye Dora the
Explorer! :)


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