2003-05-26 18:55:44 (UTC)

boom bam baby!

at approximately 11:30 today, i woke up to beautiful
sunshine, a big bed all to myself (except for my kitty-
baby), and a sore throat :( yepp, for the first time in
a while i believe i am sick again. Somehow, God brought
me through two loooooooooooong haaaaaaaaaaaaaard semesters
of Dr. Christie organic chemistry classes and psychology
out the wazoo without many sniffles or sleepless nights.
However, the fresh beginning of summer brings fresh
allergies and a cold :oP and keeps me sipping lots of O.J.
and sucking on fruit.

Getting sick is funny, it always seems to start off the
same way, sore throat which moves on to an achy body, then
comes the so wonderful runny nose, and finally a whooping
cough and congestion. There is a definite change in
colors of the ever so lovely flem, from clear to yellowish
to bright banana to a nasty greem slime, and then as you
improve the rainbow array reverses. It is a timeless
truth for anyone that has ever gotten a cold. However,
with the disgusting appearance of viruses and flues
popping up all over the globe, the first sign of sickness
is devasting and even nerve-racking. After last summer's
episode of sickness, with which i still solemnly testify
as the West Nile Virus, i am leary in passing off this
exhausted wreck of the past few days as a cold, and
wondering if i have contracted the oh so popular SARS. Do
not worry, this is a clear overestimate, considering i am
still ALIVE, and am even planning on seeing a movie this
afternoon w/ my lovely mother. But, it is always smart to
be prepared if such an outbreak would infest my poor
mortal body.

For now, i will continue regulating my cold, as any good
soon to be doctor would... and pray that SARS will stay
far away in Canada.

bye bye for now,
sarah :)