Welcome to own demise
2003-05-26 17:09:55 (UTC)

and the seasons change....

as the seasons change my life does too..... ya never quite
know what life will bring to u, or where it will bring u,
until ur completely focused on something else.

so my plan for this summer is starting to go as planned. i
started taking my pills and ive lost a good 5 lbs.... in a
week's time... i didnt take em all weekend, but i will
start again tomorrow.... i figur4e if i keep it up i can
drop my desired weight by the end of june. yay! no more
fatass! lol

gabi's in town for the weekend..... friday night she got
in i didntreally hang out with her too much bc i went to a
party at penis face's house.... saturday i took her to the
movies and it was a lot of fun. it was such a good
movie.... sunday there was a bbq and i ate like a heffer.
the end. lol

so about the party.....
blah. made me remember y im not sure if i wanna come back
at th3 end of the summer or not.
1st off... albert didnt want me to go. since now i guess
we're togetehr, hes been more than willing to share wiht
me all the things i do or places i go or people i chill
with he doesnt apporve of. hde didnt want me to go to
this party.... he told me that all week. esp. if jeremy
was gonna be there. bc lately jeremy's been a dick about
respecting me and/or albert. well....... turns out jeremy
did go. and albert had every right to worry bout somethign
happenin bc as expected... jeremy was a dick. he couldnt
stop trying to hug me or touch me or kiss me on the cheek
or forehead and when he actually got up the nerve to ask
me for a kiss i almost smacked him.... thinkin about it i
prolly should have... but he has somethig on me....
something not even dave can know about..... i bought a
bag of yay on friday and i dipped into it at the party and
i let jeremy have a bump and thats y we were alone in the
bathroom, but albert and dave cant know i did any of that.
they cant. no one can. albert wants to kill jeremy now,
and he'll be here next weekend and he told dave already
that when he gets out here he wants to go see jeremy and
beat his ass.... grreat. ive officially come between boys.

alberts mama called me this morning.... askin me what time
would be good for my mom to pick up albert from the
airport on the 24th.... so yea hes definitely coming out
to mass for the summer atleast. i need to hurry up and get
my fake. and get a dress i still have mno idea what to
wear to maries wedding omg!lol... ahh i gotta call my mom
and tell her when alberts gonna get in over there, but i
dont know all the details yet so i dunno if i should call
her now or wait til i know more.... prolly sooner's better
than later right? blah i dunno.

i really dunno if i wanna come back at the end of the
usmmer. but i know if i stay id wanna move out bc i cant
stand living eith my mom and sister for too long. blah!!1

i hate my body. god damn it. i have a lot to fix in a
little bit of time. i was soo perfect for like 3.5 mins.
grrrr... lol... anyhow.... imma get gone...