Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-05-26 13:49:27 (UTC)


Sorry I haven't been writing, been busy with alot of
things, I'm here to clear up a few things in my life. After
my last exam (21st May), on Friday I went down and saw him.
He lived all the way in Newbury (just a bit west of
Reading) and met up with him there. We walked to his house
no one was in and then he dragged me upstairs and errm you
know what. Went back downstairs an hour later to make him
lunch. After that we went back upstairs and err did some
more....grinding and stuff. After about 5.30pm we heard his
mum come in from work and then we quickly got changed and
then I left.
Day after he never called or whatever so I text him telling
what I've been upto. He text back moments later just
basically "sounded" different.
I called him on Sunday and he was basically going on the
fact that we're not seeing eachother that my purpose was to
comfort him and that was that. I felt violated and used
when he said that, almost went a bit teary but didn't.
It was kinda sad that all those things he said about
wanting to marry me, wanting to spend every waking moment
with me etc was just a load of bullshit. Its ironic how he
wants me one minute and then gives me up the next. Good
riddens to him, no need for people like that. He was alot
worse than my last boyfriend Andrew. First he sweet talks
you into really liking him then he dumps you when you do
meet him. Its people like that, that play around with
peoples emotions that infuriates me so much. All they think
about is themselves.
Moral: The only people you can truly trust are your friends
and families, they are they only people who respectively
gained and earned your trust...