Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-05-26 04:15:19 (UTC)

3rd day of vacation

Well, this 'vacation' series is seemingly headed into
the 'dry' and 'boring' category, but i'll continue it
indefinitely, for whatever reason, i suppose...


Officemax--scored a keyboard, microphone, slim jewel cases,
and 6 outlet and modem surge protector

Gamestop--saw a bunch of used GBA paraphenalia, and knew
where to go for spare parts if I got the hankerin' to
fiddle with the GBA for 'other' uses...

Walmart--bought an external battery-powered flourescent
lamp to light the darn GBA so you can actually 'see' what
was on the screen, instead of waiting for the clouds to
part and let SUNLIGHT through to light it up.

Last night...

Found a ton of stuff on the web that had to do with the
GBA, like interfacing it with other things, and also ROMS
with other games, and an emulator, and various other
stuff. It's a rich and exciting world to probably jump
into, but I've got other things to take care of presently,
so I am somewhat saddened, at my lack of perspective
really, into finding great and inventive uses for this
little minicomputer...


Well, I am not *actually* on vacation, but in a sort of
workless dry spell, which is supposed to last 6 days. I
have to still do repairs on the car, do some phonecalls,
and i guess various other deeds that need to be done, but I
forget, tomorrow is a federal holiday.... ooooookayyyyy...

This morning, as I awoke (I just remembered)...

I realized, with great intensity, that to believe in God,
as He is shown to us through the Church, that Love has to
be believed in first. If you don't believe in Love, there
is no way that you will see Him as He wants us to see Him.
To Love is to know Him, to reject Love is to blame Him for
all your misery...