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2003-05-26 04:06:00 (UTC)

weekend stories

wow, for once i went out this weekend. i had a good time i
guess. i went to jennys house on friday and she had a
bonfire. i met tawnnia, this girl who dated josh for 5 yrs.
4 those of u who have no idea who josh is, he was a guy i
was seeing for a few months before arturo.. anyways after
we started drinking she let me know that she knew that i
was seeing josh for a second. it seemed to me that she
wanted to know everything. she was a real nice girl though.
beautiful , and all that. she is 25. im only 20, so it
seemed wierd talking to her, but she caught me when i was
wasted and i told her anything she wanted to know , which
was nothing upsetting seeing as i never slept with josh.
that is such a surprise to me since i find him so
attractive. maybe its because i know how he is . but yeah
so i got trashed on vodka friday night and it was a good
time. i also saw carolyn and erin. erin however is just a
bitch who has no respect . we got into a fight before the
fire at dinner at the greeen mill. for some reason she just
flipped out at me over dinner. jenny and tawnnia were like"
what the hell" anyhow. i d rather not get into that since
it makes me mad... so then on sat i was on my way home from
jenys and jessica called. i was so happy because i didnt
think that she was coming home this summer. so we made
arrangements to go hang out. i didnt have a ride over there
so i asked stephanie if she wanted to go to st paul to a
party. when we got to jessicas we decided to go to the
party. i sorta didnt want to go becasue i knew that it was
going to be all the ass holes from high school, which was
annoying, but im actually glad i went. people do actually
grow up which is reassuring. i saw brenna and nepal and
rachel. those girls were so annoying at parties . everytime
i went to a party and they were there there would always be
a fight. this time brenna actually said : how are you" i
was shocked so i just said im good. i then went and hung
out with the guys since they were smoking good pot ! it was
so fun, then basia came in and i hadnt seen her in almost 2
years. we talked for a while and she was trashed. we
finally left at 2. i wanted to go at that point, so we went
to white castle and waited in line for like 30 minnuts.
then we went to jessicas and passed out. today i came home
and i was sorta hung over, and my grandma asked me to go in
the back yard and "look at this plant" funniest thing!! i
always cash my pipe out side my window and there was a
plant. my window in on the side of the house so we never
really go into that area! i juststarted laughing and called
ryan over to look at it. he said thats what it is but its
shitty and nothing wil come of it. anyhow i am gonna go
download stuff off kazaa talk to you later.

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