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Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-05-26 04:03:50 (UTC)

jeez!...Im a PIMP! :)

wow! hehehe...
jonny is soo fuckin cute! i just watched Faculty (i love
Josh Hartnett...before he started being in gay movies...i
loved him back when faculty came out! lol) and when it
ended i checked my computer. lol...jonny imed me...
J: thats an awesome movie
J: I wish I had a guidence counselor like that
K: LOL...and i wish i had Josh Hartnett :-D
J: lol, my cock is bigger
K: u sure about that?
J: no lol
K: lol
J: Id have sex with him though!
K: would u now?
J: right now?
J: sure
K: really?
K: thats so cute
K: so would i!
J: lol
J: acutally, I wouldnt
hehehe...hes adorable. and ive been drinking! agh! im
actually feeling kinda nausus (sp?) and thats not good. my
parents had a party for memorial day. (didnt i already
write that before? oh well idk) everyone got
mom even puked! lol ...mike had some grenadine here so i
went to the store and bought some sprite and me and angie
mixed some shirley temples lol (grenadine=yummy,
sprite=yummy, vodka=yummy! lol). and her mom gave us a
pina colada thing. and ritchie left lil Jack (WILDBERRY)
things in the fridge out back. yum! lol. im bored so i
drink! fun!
but yea...back to me being a pimp! lol
guess who called me outta the blue today? it was soooo
weird! 'member Jason? the one that worked at Taco Bell and
had the religious/hypocritical brother? yea...him. it was
fucking WEIRD. he just calls. lol. said he'll call me back
tomorrow. i was like umm...
i dont really want anyone right now! lol...and he is kinda
the last person on my mind! whoa!
dre wants to take me to the movies tomorrow. and angie
wants to hang out tomorrow. and jay said hes gonna call me
tomorrow. thats a lotta obligations. i want angie to jut
come to the movies and dre but i wanna see Bruce
Almighty and she already saw it so idk. we'll see tho huh?
i cant wait till friday! ;) hehehe
i gotta go now...too much thinking and shit...gonna puke
if i dont go to bed soon (ive never puked from drinking
before!! :x). gnight!


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