Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
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2003-05-25 22:50:52 (UTC)

Back on the net... hopefully for a while.

Well, I am back on the internet after the great computer
crash of 03. Just wanted to give an update on my life.


I declared bankruptcy finally for 22,000 dollars. My court
date for it is June 23rd. If I'm lucky I will then move on
the 27th, back to SC, where my dearest friends are.

The head is going out on my car. Do you have any idea of
the trauma a gay man goes thru when he talks to a guy that
tells him there is something wrong with his head??? I was
like, EXCUSE ME! I have NEVER had a complaint about my head
before. What the hell is wrong with my CAR???

I am alone this week at home. My family went to greet my
brother coming home from Iraq. I however can't afford to
leave work, nor could I put up with a road trip with those

I have also been thinking lately of some of the people who
have made such a difference in my life, I mean life
changing stuff. I have been so lucky to have all these, for
lack of a better term, "teachers" in my life. I find that I
see where so many of my ideals and opinions come from just
by looking back on my past. Without them, I would be just
another average individual, instead of the beautiful person
I believe myself to be. I wish I could find just half of
them so I could say thank you for making a diffrence in my

Mark Jeffery Vaughn- taught me to loosen up and have fun.
My first best friend, and to this day, he holds a special
place in my heart.

Gregory Kespradit- helped me come out. My first boyfriend.

Sarah Brewer- helped me come out and not give a fuck. To
stand up for myself, cause when everyone else fails me,
i've always got me.

Timothy Eyster- taught me about love and friendship when I
was afraid of it.

Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran- taught me that the beauty within
will always outshine the color of someones skin. Challenged
my own inner prejudices.

Ken Navarro- taught me to think beyond the first impulse.
and to remember that music connects our souls more than
words ever will.

Tod Kubo- My theatre brother. My muse and My guide, and
sometime disciplinarian. Gives me a periodic kick in the
ass so I don't forget my dreams. I will make it one day,
thanks to Tod.

Karolyn Fencl- Taught me that being best friends means that
we can transcend distance and circumstance if there is
truly love there. Taught me how a best friend should be.
Her friendship is how I judge all other friendships.She
still teaches me to this day.

MY SC FRIENDS- Taught me the true meaning of FAMILY. Other
than Karolyn, no one else has shown me the selfless love
and devotion that you have. All the love I have and more is
yours, always. Thank you for opening up your hearts, homes,
and lives to me.

Anyway, enough soul-searching for one day. Time to pop in a
porn... LOL.