2003-05-25 20:55:13 (UTC)

romance novels

have u ever read a cheesy romance novel? i am not talking
about the kind of sultry x-rated fantasy novel many women
(not to mention some men) dive into. i am talking about a
plain page-to-page romance concerning some woman, devoted
to purity and celebacy, and a dreamy prince charming
searching for beauty in the world, and stumbling upon
beauty in the frame of a woman. many times i have passed
up such indulgences, certain they contained silliness, and
such dreaded idealism that i would fall over in a coma at
the unrealistic and dullness of such matters. however,
whilest i've been stuck in my home in the little town of
martins ferry for the past few weeks, i have been in a
reading frenzy, which i must sadly say has been quite
enjoyable. Although beginning with such classics as
Hemingway's "For whom the Bell Tolls", and Lee's "To kill
a mockingbird", i have also felt drawn to explore new and
different types of readings, magazines of all types, my
Bible (which i have so suddenly missed), newspapers, and
yes, even the occassional cheesy romance novel, of which
has and will scar my name for centuries, i admit.

However ridiculous, i have come to a new appreciation for
such literature, and may even go so far as to point out a
certain respect. For as ideal and corny as they may seem,
such books renews within an individual the sense of
romance and "true love", an idea that i am not certain
exists, but sounds rather nice, all the same. Such dreams
and fantasies of loves to have and to hold can be wasteful
moments within the mind, but nonetheless, they are
hopeful, uplifting, and create a sense of nauseating
happiness about them. Beginning the book with a "this is
too pathetic for me" attitude, i soon found myself
enthrawled in the plot, "what will julie do? will Noah
realize that he can truly love a woman more than his multi-
billion dollar company? and how lovely it must be to take
off from everyday life to go skiing in the mountains, and
watch sunsets drinking hotchocolate with just the right
amount of marshmallows?"

ok, so i admit it, i can be, at times, a hopeless
romantic. and as i see people around me truly falling in
love. It was only yesterday i was at Kendra and Richard's
wedding, and saw looks in the couple's eyes that made my
heart throb for them ( other names i will not mention, but
many of u know who i am talking about) i am slowly
becoming less of a skeptic. of course, i am still young
and probably overly opinionated and willing to speak about
it. but i am learning that life has much to experience,
and God has much to show us everyday. Through the love of
two longtime sweethearts, and through a cheesy romance
novel, i learn about the simplicity and complexity of
relationships. Tomorrow, there will be something new, and
i must say, i do look forward to it.

much love, sarah :)

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