hello kitty cat
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2003-05-25 20:52:15 (UTC)


Dredg is playing tonight at stubbs...I've been trying to
round everyone up to see what's going on. I think this guy
I know, Trent, is actually going to come tonight
too..which will be nice (He lives in San Marcos)--Candice
is going...and Brook, and Alex....along with Mister
Roberts and his new sweet I guess for waking up
at 3pm...I am going to have a pretty alright night. I
wouldn't be surprised if Shaun showed up's always
the same group of people at those shows....Stephanie and I
have been talking about going up to my summer
place/Philadelphia for the summer, just to visit. NEVER
WILL I LIVE THERE AGAIN--Chicago on the other
hand....moving on with the origional subject--I think it
would be a lot of fun to take her. You know, at one point
I thought I might be able to get Mike to go. I know he
doesn't want to fucking drive up there with me....not that
he could miss work at this point I guess...but that's just
how it is. I've been reffering a lot of people to him
lately----so I'd like to thnk I'm helping him out a little
bit..I wonder who washes his hair nowadays? Not me I guess.