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2003-05-25 16:42:19 (UTC)

yesterday sucked. i worked all..

yesterday sucked. i worked all day. me laura and monica
went to lunch at applebys so that was alright. but other
than that, i hate my job and i had major cramps! ugh! when
i got home mike and joanne were here w.the kids. dannielle
and monique are visiting for the weekend so raven and
danni were playing and i sat outside w.everyone to kinda
keep monique company. shes very...bitter. but who woulda
thought that they would turn out any different? look at
how they were raised huh? scumbag dad who beat their whore
mother. but hey...thats my dads best friend right?
anyways...they leave and i was extremely bored. i watched
Bad Boys and talked to Angie online for a lil while. then
i watched Blue Streak (it was like a Martin Lawrence
marathon or something! :)) and gave myself a
pedicure...soaked my feet in this foot stuff and hot water
then used one of those stone things and put on foot
lotion. my feet were soooo pretty!!! :) then i painted my
toenails and fingernails ( shitty black sparkly
nailpolish). then keeley came home and we started another
movie but i fell asleep.
today my parents are having a party for memorial day. yay!
a bunch of old people getting wasted! lol. at least once
theyre all fucked up i can get me some alcohol! hehehe.
mike just brought over Jack (wildberry)! yipee! lol
my aunt angie is here. she gave me a $50 check for grad.
woohoo! they were talking about my aunts and uncles and it
made me have an epiphany (sp?). Indelicato=liars. my
grandfather was a liar and a cheater and because of that,
my nanna was an alcoholic. it was a perfect example of how
ur environment has an effect on who u become. not to be
spreading around my family's business (i hate em all
anyways) uncle john was basically a male slut (only
married that bitch donna bc she has money) aunt
jackie is a crazy bitch: beat her kid, neglected her
mother and wont speak to her family (even tho she lives in
the same town as me) aunt pat is an alcoholic who
married a man in uncle frank; well thats another aunt mary: "if i see a man i wanna fuck, ill
fuck him!" whore...and even my mom cheated on my dad...
and me and my sister have a lot of bad characteristics as
well. im never gonna get married and have kids! id feel
too bad for those poor people! bored and shouldnt be writing all this crap.
ang is coming up today!!! :)
more some other time...imma go play w.cleo!


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