*Bubbles and Ducks*
2003-05-25 16:23:18 (UTC)


I felt that I should update my version of THE LIST
considering I haven't in months. There have been MAJOR
changes on THE LIST, some good, some bad. Bear with me.


*Someone: Only a few people know who his special someone
is, and most people that know, know me VERY well and I
didn't have to tell them, they already knew. He is the only
person I really, truly, like. everyone else is more of a
crush, flirtatious, they're-hott type thing.


*Luke: Sits next to me in Health, says some biggoty things
that piss me off sometimes, but usually, he's really funny
and nice.
*Pat Scarpati: Yet again, I most repeat he is a life long
member of THE HOTTNESS LIST. He's hott and we all know it.
He's funny and got that punky thing going on and he's not
just a poser.
*Jeremiah: Otherwise know as Andy york, but Jeremiah is his
codename. Totally hott, saw him at the Talent show, rocking
it out on the bass.
*Jorge: Ok, all year long I've "liked" him. You all should
know who he is.Ok, for you stupid people, Joe Schmidt.
*Jefferson: I realized I'm kinda accidentally going with a
J theme. Strange. Anyway, I'm not going to say his real
name because one of my other friends likes him and I am not
about to get into that kind of trouble.