hello kitty cat
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2003-05-25 09:19:07 (UTC)

very ....interesting?

Stephanie and I invited over Dave and Stevey and all them---
to our place---and Stevey ended up bring his roommates (who
were super nice and cool)..and Dave brought Courtney whom
was obviously fucked up---she's a really sweet girl but she
needs to go easy on the drugs. I don't knwo was just
some weird vibes...I don't know what Stevey's deal
is.....and Dave...I really don't know what the hell is
going on in David's head. I really think he's afraid of
Stephanie..I think that he feels that loving Stephanie is
betraying Lacey--(Lacey is dead)---he needs to move on
though. Lacey would want him to be happy. Don't make
excuses for yourself--NOT to fall in love..look at all your
missing out on...but that's what happens if you stay
stagnant. Nothing you can do. And now Stephanie is laying
on my bed...all hurt...she let him touch her and sit close
to her...that's where you can't let them anymore..that's
the part that hurts. She keeps saying she isn't going to
wait for him but she is there when he is ready---and I
understand that a little too well---but sometimes be so
close is giong to hurt you more. She is waiting. I know she
feels like she has a limited time...but that is not her's Davids...there is only so much you can do to
help someone..but I'm about to fall over I'm so
farewell and goodnight.