Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-05-25 05:04:04 (UTC)

2nd day of vacation

Well, I awoke, to brightly filtered sunlight, that seemed
to glow and emanate from the blinds, with a diffuse white,
no less Don't remember much after that

Finally got my modem and sound card to work, but don't ask
what i did--i did everything, but i think that it finally
boiled down to forcing an escd check, or something like
that, through the bios. there's a lot of crap that i don't
understand in the bios, so one of these days i'll have to
check out a faq on it. turns out that the new cards were
fighting over possession of irq 11, and that finally i got
the modem to choose irq 5, but i'm not sure how, so, ho-hum.

The gameboy power supply was actually outputing 5 volts, as
opposed to the printed 3 volts, so i tinkered a little
before remembering that i had bought from radio shack about
20 years ago a variable power supply, that actually had a 3
volt output (but checking it revealed that it was outputing
4 volts). Making a long story short, i did some soldering
and electrical taping, and came up with an adapter that
worked. Hooray! (i think)

Went to Mass this night (instead of tomorrow morning). God
is love. Love is God. Hallelujah! when going up to
accept the bread, i had little Noo-noo in my left arm and
tried to extend my right hand out to accept the wafer, but
instead, the eucharistic minister placed it into my mouth,
lol. I'm not sure why, but i think that since my hands
were full, i was supposed to let them stick it in my mouth
for me.

A side bit of fun, though, was that i was on ebay, trying
to bid on a new cpu for my comp, and i found out that there
was only 5 minutes left, and so i raised my bid higher, and
got to be the maximum bidder, and the price was still
reasonable, so i waited and waited, and started to get
excited at my new purchase, when, during the last 30
seconds, someone placed a bid higher than mine. DOH! LOL,
oh well, at least i got him to pay more for it, lol....:)
i know, bad boy, oh well... :)

still haven't filled out those rebate forms, and tomorrow's
Sunday! oh my! a new week of specials!!