Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-05-25 04:05:42 (UTC)

home early

I went bowling tonight. It was Nin, Melissa, Suzanna and
Amber. Me and Nin get there andeveryone is like what's
wrong with you when I am like wicked stoked cuz I got a
new JEEP!! Then we start bowling and everyone walks
outside to go smoke leaving me and Nin. So instead of me
getting pissed I make the best out of it and have fun with
Nin. then at like 10:50 Melissa comes up to me and was
like why are you being anti social?? I'm sorry how could I
be social when the entire time you are outside smoking.
HELLO NEWS FLASH:: I was in a great mood and keeping myself
in for the good of everyone!! I wasn't about to sit there
and go up and talk to you all when, when I came around one
or two of you walked way. And Suzanna didn't say more then
two word to me all night!! I really didn't understand that.
And I left because I wasn't about to get pissed when I was
in a great mood. so thats why I left ok!! I really dont
understand how I was being anti-social?? I really don't. It
kinda a good thing that I invited Nin. If I hadnt I would
have been all by myself the entire night. I really don't
understand how I was being anti-social?? PLEASE
EXPLAIN!!!!! Oh Nin great convo that was awesome love it
so much and what mom said lol that topped it all!! wow I
don't even know what I would have done if your mom hadn't
said what she said and my mom agreed so that make two of
them!! anyways I got a new jeep today!! It deep Navy BLue
with stone interior its an automatic and its fully eqiped
2003 JEEP WRANGLER!!! and it only have about 35 miles on it
and I put all on except 15 of them!! Aren't you proud of me
lol! I cleaned my room today now it looks prudy!!! lol and
it only took three hours. I have to read my book for
english and go out and collect money for AIDS WALK RUN!!
well nothing eles to say right now so later