2003-05-25 00:48:02 (UTC)

Start of Summer

I planted white petunias and red geraniums in pots on the
front porch and added some metal stars and little flags on
sticks and put our our flag. I picked some snowballs,
white carnations and snapdragons (which wintered over) and
white roses, added little flags and made several bouquets
for the living room. I put one of these bouquets is my
sewing room next to a photo of Steven. I put some geranium
flowers and white snapdragons in a little cup of
water and put that in a basket decorated with a band of
red, white and blue on the dining room table.

Now that I've done the fun stuff I've got to go plant the
tomatoes and then do some cleanup in the backyard. The
weather's getting cloudy and is supposed to start raining
soon. It always rains Memorial Day weekend, it seems.